Life of a Muse: We Love Google. A lot.

One of my favorite things about helping clients turn their stories and emotions into well-crafted, personal vows, speeches and ceremonies is how much I learn about because of the people I work with. So often I'll hear about an author (Joan Didion) or a movie (Three Amigos) that I've never considered, and found myself down a Google-hole of quotes and on Amazon purchasing The Year of Magical Thinking. 

While editing some vows recently, I found myself Googling "traits of a Golden Retriever" and I couldn't help but wonder, what are some of the more odd research topics all the Muses had looked up in the past year. 

So I asked, they told, and the results are pretty amazing: 

Hearst Castle

Denver BMW

The singing bush

Scribe Winery

When did WWII end? 

Facts about redwood trees

Love letter/wine ceremony

Kiteboarding vs. Windsurfing


RAZR phone

Facts about turtles

Famous turtles that aren't ninjas

Catnip video


What do Eagle Scouts have to know?

Red Sox football

Gothic revival wedding Pinterest board

Albus Dumbledore quotes

No really, I've Googled more about Harry Potter than I ever imagined I would


Nary a client goes by that we don't wind up punching something into Google, whether because we got interested after our conversation, or because we needed a tiny detail or fact to be absolutely right. And it sure makes for some interesting search histories...