Forget Spirit. Vow Muse Has Pride!

It's a big world out there, full of individuals who each experience love in unique and powerful ways — and Angie and I recognize that, but we wanted to do more than say, "Heck yeah, we love love!" 

So...we wrote a book. 

Well, kind of. Actually, we built a toolkit helping you tailor a wedding ceremony and make it your own. But that was just step one. We wanted to go farther into loving love. And thus, the idea of a second edition was born.

What resulted is a gender-inclusive guide to customizing a wedding ceremony, free of references to brides and grooms, his and hers, man and wife. Instead, there's just you and your sweetie, whoever and however you are. 

No matter what kind of ceremony you envision, we want to help you make it happen in the most joyous and celebratory way possible.