Sneak Peek: Gettin' Hitched, Pride Edition

So, you're breaking out the bling and putting a ring on it (woot!), you want a unique, loving ceremony that speaks to your unique, loving love, and you don't know where to start. Enter Gettin' Hitched: A complete wedding ceremony with endless possibilities - Pride Edition by Vow Muse (hey, that's us!). 

But wait, you're thinking. How do I know I'm not dropping $35 for a crappy, ditto-copied looking worksheet and saying, "Boi byeeee!"? 

Since we're guessing pinky-swearing to you might not work out so well (we need an app for the virtual pinky swear...), we've got a sneak peek of what's inside the toolkit instead! See 8 (count em!) pages of what you're in for, including the Table of Contents, a page of the ceremony, and one of our oft-not-mentioned (but super useful!) appendices. 

Enjoy the Pride Edition excerpts below (and for the original edition, check out excerpts here).