"It was amazing — definitely the best weekend of my life.

And everyone loved the vows — I was shocked by how many people came up to me afterward and said how much they loved them. Good job!

You all need to charge more! :) Thank you again!"

— Julia
Custom Vows, 2018

“THANK YOU! You have really taken the stress out of such an important part of our wedding.”

— Laura
Review by an Expert, 2018

”The responses we got from our guests — and even from the DJ — were that this was the most joyful wedding ceremony they'd ever seen! And Alicia's delivery was a huge part of that. She gave a terrific, professional delivery, with great energy.”

— Lauren & Charles
Custom Written Ceremony and Officiating, 2012

“Vow Muse was the perfect choice for us.  Angie and Alicia are gifted when it comes to writing ceremonies that appear to have been taken right from our minds and hearts.  

Our ceremony was so uniquely us that many guests thought we had written it ourselves!  But that's what's wonderful about Angie and Alicia — they will take your story, individual personalities, and style, and create a wedding ceremony that is more beautiful than you ever could have imagined.  

Their hard work and spectacular skill solidified our wedding ceremony as the happiest moments of my life.”

— Claire & Colin
Custom Ceremony & Officiating, 2016

”I think that you both have done a great job with the vows and ceremony — it's truly wonderful not to have a "canned" ceremony and vows but instead to have something that has true meaning to both of us and really represents who we are as people.


— Les & Rafael
Custom Ceremony, Wedding Vows, and Officiating, 2011

“It's been 4 months since my daughter's wedding and I just recieved another compliment on my speech from a guest, "The best wedding speech I've ever heard". 

I was so much more relaxed knowing my speech was perfect, no wondering what to say or how to say it.  I'm so happy I called Vow Muse.  I loved working with them. 

When I think of the cost of putting on the wedding this small fee I'm happy about, one that paid off tenfold. I would do all over again!”

— Dena
Mother of the Bride Speech, 2016 

“Thank you! The wedding was awesome! The vows were perfect! Can't thank you enough! Made me feel extremely confident getting up there knowing that you and the team had my back. 

I appreciated the responsiveness, communication style, and comfortability of the whole process.”

— Alison
Custom Vows, 2018

“This is PERFECT! Thank you so much!!! Now for the rehearsing, but that will be the fun part! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 

— Megan
Review by an Expert, 2017 


“Hands down the absolute best decision of our wedding planning process was choosing Vow Muse.

Alicia was a superstar, going above and beyond to make our ceremony so personal and moving. We met up with her a few months prior to the wedding to get to know her and share a bit about ourselves, and it instantly felt like we were old pals. She crafted a beautiful ceremony, weaving in bits and pieces about our relationship as well as our selected readings into their standard template and by the end it felt like it was crafted specifically for us.

On the day of the wedding she officiated perfectly, and we got tons of compliments on it the rest of the evening. People couldn't believe she wasn't a close friend, but by the end it felt like she was. We can't recommend them highly enough!”

— Katelyn & Luke
Custom Ceremony and Officiating, 2018



“Thank you so much! I absolutely love how it came together. You’ve helped so much in ways that it was hard for me to put together :)

I appreciate all that you and your team came up with; it’s truly more than what I imagined. Thank you so much!”

— Sasha
Review by an Expert, 2019 



“Angie and Alicia did a fantastic job directly coordinating with my dad.  They took my high-level directions, listened carefully to what my father wanted to convey, and thoughtfully composed a speech to remember.  It was an absolute hit — everyone kept raving about it, including my husband who shed a tear or two when he heard my father's speech.  The speech was funny, sincere, and memorable - everything I could imagine and more.  

At the end of the day, brides often so much money on items that wedding guests never remember (like cocktail napkins and signs, etc.), but something like a speech — it makes the reception!  

I highly recommend their services to others.”

— Gen
Father of the Bride Speech, 2015


“Every step of the way Vow Muse was there with helpful advice, a fantastic attitude, and passion for making our wedding a success.

Can't recommend them enough. A+”

— Jonathan
Officiating, 2015 

“Everything about being a Maid of Honor is wonderful! But the most dreadful part is always the MOH toast/speech. I mean, come-on, who loves public speaking, especially on your best friends' day in front of all of her closest family and friends! 

So, I met with Alicia to go over the basics, all the interesting facts about my friend, and all of our little stories. At first, I thought, how would this be possible, a quick 1 hour conversation, and she would move mountains of anxiety for me? 

The bride and the wedding guests absolutely loved the speech! I got a few laughs in , and an " Ah-Ha" moment from one of my friends' uncles. Hilarious! Don't get me wrong, I was still nervous and pacing minutes before the toast (like any other human), but at least I wasn't anxious because I knew it was going to be a hit! 

Thank you Vow Muse for taking the unnecessary worry away so I can actually enjoy the big day with her!”

— Kay
Maid of Honor Speech, 2014

“I got your edits and just want to say WOW!! The wording you use is so perfect, I just want to thank y’all for your help! I can’t put it in words how perfect these vows are that you edited.

Y’all are the best!! This weekend is gonna be the happiest day for her and me can’t wait to read this to her! Thank you!!”

— Rob
Review by an Expert, 2018

“Very highly recommended. I’d give them six stars if I could!

I'm so grateful to Angie and Alicia. The results were above and beyond anything I might have expected. They started out by asking lots of questions and listening, really listening, to the answers. Then they produced a first draft of the speech which literally brought me to tears. It addressed the things I had told them I wanted to talk about, and then went beyond those things to make some really thoughtful and appropriate comments about life and love and marriage.

And that was just the beginning. Angie and Alicia were very receptive to the comments and changes I had, and through several rounds of edits the speech kept getting better.

When the big day came I was able to deliver the words with a great deal of feeling and emotion. I was able to add an important piece to my daughter's wedding, and I came away feeling pretty darned good about myself. All thanks to Angie and Alicia's wordsmithing, their coaching, and to their very supportive attitude.”

— David
Father of the Bride Speech, 2015 

“I've got one word for you — AMAZING! You were amazing!

Thank you so much for making our ceremony something truly meaningful and memorable.”

— Sarah
Custom Ceremony, 2018

"So excited! I love what was written.

I mean how could you get me/us so well through our one conversation?! So cool!"

— Amber
Custom Vows, 2014

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