2017 Wedding Trend Alert: The Wedding Letter

We’re the first to admit there aren’t usually wedding vow trends (beyond the Dr. Seussian Would you love me in a box? fad of 2004). What’s been in — writing your own vows — has stayed in, while many couples still opt for the traditional “I do.”

But that’s changed this year: clients are starting to ask for help writing wedding letters.

Yep, we are talking old-fashioned missives — no postage required!

Think of wedding letters as the ultimate love letter. Something you write for your sweetheart, and just your sweetheart, on your wedding day. These wedding letters often encompass what DIY vows historically have, but are read privately before or after the ceremony.

A few thoughts on why wedding letters have become a “thing.”

There are a million reasons why, but we’ll stick with three big ones: Letters are personal. They’re keepsakes. And they allow couples to have intimacy without a big show.

There’s been an interesting phenomenon of expressing feelings at weddings as of late — which we love, if that’s comfortable for you. But many couples aren’t super into sharing their emotions in front of a crowd. Maybe they’re shy, maybe the just don’t like the idea of it, maybe the guest list is wildly huge and they don’t want to be mushy in front of their bosses cousin’s nephew’s cat.

A quick quiz on whether the wedding letter route is right for you.

Um...does it feel right? Honestly, no quiz in the world can tell you yes or no.

If you think you’d like to write your cutiebug a letter in lieu of vows, then it’s worth exploring and having a conversation with your partner. But, you might want to keep it a secret if you plan to surprise your sugarlips before the ceremony.

Pretend you’re into it: what should you write?

Oh, the possibilities are endless! We highly recommend starting by looking for some inspiration (Pinterest is a great resource!). Researching famous love letters is also helpful (try Hamilton’s!) though doing so will occasionally bring a tear to your eye.

Need help with your vows or wedding letter? 
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