Why a Winter Wedding is Wonderful

On the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, there stands a single tree growing from the rocks.

Without even a trace of soil visible, the seed—perhaps escaping the clutches of a passing bird long ago—somehow took root and sprouted. It dug deep into the uncaring environment, found nourishment beneath the surface, and… defying all odds… flourished. 

Whether it's microbes in the Yellowstone hot springs, wood frogs freezing solid in Alaskan winters, tardigrades in outer space, or that tree in the Grand Canyon…

Life persists, even in the most unlikely of places.

So does love. It surpasses hardship. It grows from nothing. And that's the backdrop that makes a winter wedding so meaningful.

Amidst the bleak and cold, in a season where lesser things shrivel and die, love thrives.

It's a romantic idea in a peaceful season… with the added benefit of stunning photography backgrounds and inexpensive accommodations.

Here are a few things that make winter weddings so perfect:

The symbolic beauty: Whether you wed in the snowy mountains or amid barren trees, the stark contrast of cold winter and hot passion is enough to romance even the grinch-iest of folk.

Free decorations: Another way to invoke the sense of serenity that comes with winter time is to surround yourself with holiday décor. That time of year, many venues will automatically showcase large Christmas trees, wreaths, fireplaces, string lights, or other decorations that smell like pine and feel like family. Fewer costs for you, more cozy vibes for guests.

Less stress: Winter is off-season for weddings. So venues, vendors, lodging, and honeymoon travel will all be much cheaper than in the summer or autumn months. 

You won't need to battle other couples for desirable dates. 

Photo by  Olga Gudym  on  Unsplash

Photo by Olga Gudym on Unsplash

And because most winter ceremonies take place inside, you won't have to worry about sweating off your makeup in summer heat, rescheduling for a hurricane, or having your chuppah fall down in the wind. (I'm still trying to convince myself that's now just a funny story…) 

Plus, if you are doing an outdoor winter ceremony—Gorgeous! Do it!—you'll know what to plan for (namely heaters and blankets).

Spectacular backdrops: Winter wedding photography is absolutely stunning, even if you don't luck out with a snow day.

The styles: Cozy scarves and coats that make your look truly unique, lanterns along the aisle, hot cider at the bar, sprigs of holly or cinnamon at each place setting… The winter season offers so many opportunities for tasteful touches that everyone will remember.

Winter is when Earth rests. When the planet prepares itself once again for a spring of renewal and regrowth. When ancient peoples reset from their hard labor. When modern peoples turn inward to focus on family and togetherness. It's a striking contrast to the bustle of the rest of the year.

And it is in this environment—when the world is still—that love and life shine brightest.


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Writer Fawn believes in the power of a well-crafted story, the promise of an adventurous future, and the perfection of a Nutella-covered strawberry.


Cover photo by Heather Miller, gallery photos by Clem Onojeghuo & Photos by Lanty on Unsplash.