May 12, 2014

wedding vows

wedding vows


For her destination wedding in the Philippines, bride Raquel wanted vows that expressed to her fiance why she loved him and how he had helped shape her as a person.

An excerpt from her custom written wedding vows:

You are perfect for me because you give me a balance that I have found with no one else. When I am anxious or stressed, you always mellow me with your calm and your humor. When I cry at sad (or not very sad) movies, you always hold me and pass me the tissues. And when I want to go on a Backstreet Boys cruise to the Bahamas, you’re game to come with me because you know how much fun it is for me to remember my favorite band from high school. While I can be shy, your love has filled me with the confidence to always be myself. And I know you’ll always love me for being me, even when I’m not at my best.

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