April 6, 2014 | Bolinas, CA

custom ceremony

custom ceremony


Very quick-witted and humorous in person, Nick and Rachel wanted a ceremony that displayed their personality while still conveying the feeling of tradition that comes from a wedding ceremony. They also mentioned that they wouldn’t mind if we quoted Kurt Vonnegut (which despite the joke in the beginning, we did later in the ceremony).

An excerpt from their custom written wedding ceremony:

‘Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were big things.’ … is something that might have been said by author Kurt Vonnegut. However, a little research has taught me two things: one the internet is often wrong, and two, Robert Brault is the author of that quote.

Regardless of who-wrote-what, the idea is right: You might not know it at the time, but the little things aren’t always actually so little. Nick and Rachel met in high school, working together at a dry cleaners. They likely had greater career aspirations in their heads, so a job at a dry cleaners could have hardly felt life-changing. And yet, it was.

And because of that, Nick and Rachel have something that not very many people are lucky enough to have. Not only have they built a life together as adults, but they share pieces of their childhood too. Rachel can say ‘Remember when that thing happened that one time?’ and Nick can say ‘Yes! Yes I do!’

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