June 16, 2014

wedding vows

wedding vows


Smart-witted and very sharp, Kendra wanted to tell Zeke how awesome he is and how much she loved him with just enough sass to get a laugh out of him.

An excerpt from Kendra’s custom vows:

The things I love about you are relatively endless, but I’ll try to summarize. Your generosity and altruism are admirable; you really are the most giving, patient, and selfless person I know. One could say it even gets a little repetitive when every time I meet someone who knows you, they go on about how wonderful you are. But alas, it’s true. And not only have you changed my life, my family now cannot live without you either. My sister seems to generally prefer you to me nowadays, and my mom raves every time we visit, ever impressed by how helpful you are with cooking, fixing the computer, changing a tire, or pretty much anything. Maybe you can dial it back a bit one of these days just to make me look good?

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