November 23, 2013

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Her little sister was one of her best friends, and Wendi wanted a maid of honor speech that demonstrated just how passionate, loving, and all-around amazing her sister was.

Wendi’s maid of honor speech:

Hello there, everyone. I’m Wendi, the maid of honor and sister of the bride. Being a sister grants me special privileges, like allowance to call Elizabeth ‘Liz’, which I’ve been doing forever and can’t bring myself to stop now. As I’ve known Liz her entire life, I wanted to say a few words on her and Dillan’s special day.

It’s amazing that Liz and I survived childhood. Yes, we often fought like cats and dogs, putting our parents through a bit of grief. But even when we got along, we were apt to find ourselves in trouble. Like the time I tried to teach Liz to ride a bike… sorry about that sprained arm, sister. Or when we’d squeeze ourselves into the dryer, or jump from the balcony onto a pile of pillows, or make those delicious mud pies… topped with poison berries we found in the shrubs. I even used to take advantage of Liz’s giving nature, and ask her to walk to pick me up a Blizzard from the Dairy Queen two miles away. Which she totally did. Thanks, sis.

We made it through childhood alive. Since Liz is my little sister though, it was hard to see her as an adult for a long time. In fact, I remember the day she stopped being a kid in my eyes, and it was a lot more recently than you might think. Back when both of us lived in Seattle, I was working at a Starbucks inside a grocery store, and Liz was training to be an EMT. She used to come in and joke with me and order drinks – wait no, she only ordered one drink, a triple-grande-nonfat-vanilla-latte — before her shift started. Those days sort of blend together (not unlike her latte) in a montage of goofiness, with one exception: the day we heard a commotion at one of the checkout stands.

Liz ran over to the line to see what was going on. She ran back and asked me for a cup of water, which I gave her, and then she scurried away. She ran back and asked me for a piece of candy, which I gave her, and then she scurried away again. Liz came back again and asked if I could call her work to tell them she’d be late, and she scurried away again. I called her boss and said, “Liz is going to be late, she’s saving someone right now.”

Which was totally true. Liz was in the middle of making sure a pregnant woman who had fainted was okay. She eventually came and picked up her triple-grande-nonfat-vanilla-latte and went off to work. After Liz left, the manager of the store came over to me, and told me, “Please thank your sister for me. That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

At that moment I realized Liz was not just my sister, and no longer a kid. Liz was – and is – someone who can help people in the most scary of times. She can stop everything, stay calm, and save the day. Liz is a superhero.

And I know Liz is bringing her superhero powers to her marriage, too. She’s bringing her eagerness to make others happy. Her aptitude for sharing. Her sense of humor. Her naturally kind disposition. And most of all, her ability to love with her whole heart, selflessly and for the benefit of everyone around her.

Liz, I know Dillan is going to make you so happy, and I know in return you’ll do the same for him. I love you both and wish you all the best in your long lives together.

To the happy couple!

photo via Flutter Glass Photography

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