Getting married is a really big deal! Religious officiants traditionally provide marriage counseling, but with so many couples choosing secular weddings, this counseling aspect is often forgotten. Before and after your wedding day, coaching will support your partnership in building a solid foundation for the life you are creating together.

Private sessions (typically scheduled in two hour blocks, to allow us to go deeper and see results faster), in which we will explore topics such as:

  • Finances

  • Beliefs and Values

  • Marriage Roles

  • Affection, Intimacy, Sex: Maintaining Passion

  • Agreements on Fidelity

  • Children / Parenting

  • Family Relationships

  • Joint Decision Making

  • Dealing with conflict / chaos constructively 

  • Communication techniques

  • Creating Traditions

  • Community Support

Sarah Oswald 1.JPG

Sarah Oswald

Sarah Oswald's work with couples comes from a living systems perspective, with a focus on relationship to self and community for a thriving romantic partnership. Rooted in Relational Life Therapy, this model of couples coaching focuses on Full Respect Living and Relational Empowerment.

“We searched for a premarital counselor in sync with people, nature, and the greater spirit. Sarah has helped us realize the depth of love we share. We are more compassionate, present minded, and forward thinking. We learned the value of big and small community, and we couldn’t be better prepared for marriage.

We believe Sarah is servicing the world through her calling to bring couples and communities together in companionship and celebration, and we can’t recommend her more highly.”
— Taylor and Kimi
“Working with you has completely transformed our relationship. You are a gifted coach and have been so on point with knowing how to support us! We are communicating better than ever, aware of our patterns, and able to work through a fight MUCH more quickly. I now realize that our disagreements have gifts!

You have made a big difference for us. Your coaching has taught me how to communicate my truth through conversations that are gentle, kind, loving and affirming; and yet I am making my point, taking care of myself, and not being a doormat! What I have learned from you is just fantastic. We would NOT be where we are today without the sessions we’ve had with you, Sarah. You got what was going on and you saved us. You really did. I just can’t thank you enough.”
— Anne Marie and Skip