AUGUST 6, 2011

speeches & toasts

speeches & toasts


Her very best friend was getting married, and Kimberly wanted to give a toast the touched on why Jeremiah was lucky to have met Arlene, and vice versa.

An excerpt from her maid of honor speech:

What I love most about Arlene is her can-do attitude towards anything suggested. She’s the person who is always saying “Yes” when asked if she wants hit up a concert, wants to go camping, or even wants to meet Jessica Simpson’s hair dresser at the VMA’s on the red carpet (which, for the record, no one asked if she wanted; she decided that one all on her own). So when I heard she had said “Yes” to Jeremiah , none of me was surprised. But no, not just because she’s a “Yes” girl – because she and Jeremiah balance each other, play off each other, and have an incredible connection to one another.

I’ve known Arlene longer than I’ve known Jeremiah – seven years longer, in fact. But what I love about the fact that I haven’t known Jeremiah as long as Arlene is that it feels like I have. Jeremiah came into Arlene’s life, and subsequently mine, and it felt like he’d been there all along. I’m sure he was smart enough to know the way to Arlene’s heart was by impressing her friends with inclusiveness, freezing camping trips in the midwest, and greeting them with a smile, but even more so, that’s his personality. Welcoming, comfortable – the kind of person you can be friends with right off the bat. The kind of guy who became my friend, and then quickly became my family, too – both in spirit years ago, and now as the husband to my almost-sister, Arlene.

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