AUGUST 29, 2014

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speeches & toasts


Kat and her BFF, Lyla, have been connected at the hip since college. Kat wanted to express how amazing her long-time friend is while keeping with the humorous tone that they’ve always shared.

Kat’s maid of honor speech:

Hello everyone! I’m Kat. While today I’m Lyla’s Maid of Honor, I’ve carried the title of Lyla’s Best Friend since our college years. Since we met, it’s been me and her – Kat and Lyla. If you see one of us, the other probably isn’t far behind. And look, totally true right now, too.

(Gesture to Lyla)

To say I’m excited for these two to get married would be the understatement of the year: see, Lyla and Amos are one-hundred-percent perfect for each other for a thousand reasons. One of my very favorite reasons is that Amos is basically the male version of me. Just like me, whenever Lyla has a totally “her” moment, like forgetting her wallet or letting her positivity pass her better judgment, Amos is always there to save the day. And though she sometimes needs a little help from a hero, Lyla is honestly one of the most patient, understanding, faithful, and just plain fun people I’ve ever known. She’s a great combination of wise and goofy that I’m sure keeps Amos on his toes.

Since today is Lyla and Amos’ wedding day, I feel like I get to give these two lovebirds a couple helpful hints. Here goes:

Amos: If Lyla accidentally falls asleep after work when you were supposed to hang out, don’t get too mad. Just get the girl a pillow. Oh, I’m sure you’ve noticed this one: do not get between a girl and her Sunday football. I think the woman needs a lady-cave. Something to think about for the next home purchase! Finally, two words: foot massage.

Lyla: I met Amos’ father recently, and I realized something: he is a carbon copy of Amos – so lady, you’re in luck. You’re going to be in love with an attractive man for the rest of your life. And be sure to play to your strengths. You may not cook well, but girl, you sure can keep a clean house! Seriously though, Lyla, your superpower is compassion. You are able to see the positive in people and I know you’ll bring that compassion each and every day to your relationship. And by doing so, I know Amos will too.

You guys, I am so happy for you. Watching you grow together from your first meeting about 5,475 days ago to today, your wedding day, has been extraordinary. And there’s so much more life to live and love to share. Do it all, you two.

And with that, I’m going to raise my glass and say “Cheers” to Lyla and Amos!

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