Real Weddings: Jennifer & Kyle

Jennifer was looking for a secular officiant as well as help creating memorable vows. After learning about all their options — officiating + our customized template ceremony, officiating + a custom-written ceremony, or our whole enchilada that includes officiating + a custom-written ceremony + vows — Jennifer and her fiancé Kyle opted to go all in with the whole enchilada. 

After getting to know them as a couple and as individuals, we set to work crafting their custom ceremony to reflect and honor their decade long relationship, while weaving in some unique tributes. One of our faves was quoting a beloved Harry Potter character: 

While the last ten years has certainly been good to both of them in terms of their careers, their learning and development as people, and the evolution of their relationship, it has been challenging in many ways as well. But when they speak of this time, neither of them dwells on the negative aspects. They both wholeheartedly acknowledge that there were many difficulties, but their thoughts naturally turn to what they gained from these experiences. A deeper understanding of each other. The knowledge that each will always be there for the other, no matter what. The true meaning of sacrifice and unconditional love. These are the things they take from this experience as they move into the next stage of their relationship together.

Albus Dumbledore tells us that “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” Jennifer and Kyle now know the bounds of their strength; they have been divided by distance, and have reflected this strength in their union together. They use this knowledge to make their partnership stronger. And indeed, after today, their bond is unbreakable.

Watch Alicia in action at this beautiful wedding, captured by one of our recommended vendors,  Day Dreamer Cinema !

Watch Alicia in action at this beautiful wedding, captured by one of our recommended vendors, Day Dreamer Cinema!

Similarly, their wedding vows reflected their shared history and promises for their future together. 

I’ve sometimes said that I think I need “wife lessons” to really be able to do this properly, but, since I know there is no such training, I promise to always do my very best to take care of you and show you my unconditional love in all the ways I can. I vow to be a loving partner, the biggest cheerleader of your incredible entrepreneurial genius, and a caring mother to our dogs and our future children. I can’t wait to spoil you as you have spoiled me all these years, and to fall in love with you all over again with each new sunrise we share together. And most of all, on this day of our wedding, I promise to never, ever catch the smoker on fire again.

We highly recommend you check out the entire video by Day Dreamer Cinema — they did an amazing job capturing the magic of the day.

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