Allison's Vows

April 20, 2015 

wedding vows

wedding vows


Allison was inspired by a friend’s vows and wanted to incorporate the theme of a leap of faith into her vows, while keeping the tone lighthearted and hopefully even getting a laugh from Scott.

An excerpt from Allison’s custom wedding vows:

Marriage is a leap of faith – a leap we take together. Contrary to some popular beliefs, this leap doesn’t feel like diving off a cliff with just a plastic bag as our parachute. Instead, it feels as natural as you calling me “Pixie,” and as easy as you making me laugh.

Scott, I want to get our marriage started off right, so you should know that my fingers aren’t crossed as I make the following promises. I promise to choose you every day, to love you in word and deed, and to do the hard work of making now into always. I promise to accept you for exactly who you are, and for who you have yet to become. I promise to grow old with you, to take care of you, and to let you take care of me. And, most of all and with all my heart, I promise to never, ever stop sticking my fingers up your nose.

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